Winfreight Broker

WinFreight broker offers a specialised software solutions that helps to manage and streamline load management across all areas of the supply chain. Used across multiple industries and locations, this software offers a powerful, turnkey solution for logistics companies of all types and sizes.

What is WinFreight Broker?

WinFreight Broker was developed 10 years ago, after interest from the industry to develop a one stop solution specifically tailored to logistics companies requiring a load management and brokerage system, with all the features of our FMS operational system. Since then use of the system has revolutionised the industry and has become the number one choice of system. WinFreight Broker takes a focused approach to managing and streamlining various areas of your business, including the following:


Our freight broking software can enhance the operations on each point in your supply chain by facilitating simple, accessible and accurate load captures, allowing you to print or email load confirmations, and gives facility, courier and warehouse managers a useful and powerful dashboard for overviews, reports and management tools.

Customer Service

WinFreight Broker can assist your business in tightening your approach to customer service to improve the overall experience your customers get. The tools included to facilitate this are document imaging for digitising, storing, and accessing information, POD management to enhance the performance of teams in your supply chain, as well as in-depth reporting tools.

Accounts Management

Improve the way your facility approaches account and finance management with our specialised freight broking software. This all-inclusive approach provides you with powerful and user-friendly tools that help automate and streamline billing, haulier management and contact management.

An Inclusive & Effective Load Management Suite

WinFreight Broker takes a turnkey approach to streamlining supply chains for courier companies, and we have been able to design this system, optimise it and perfect it in line-with the needs of our clients, because it takes an approach to optimising that is seamlessly integrated, focused on the needs of our clients and driven by results. We have developed this suite through extensive experience across multiple industries, a dedication to continual development, and the goal of streamlining all areas of our clients’ operations.

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› Click on the different business units below to see how WinFreight FMS will change your business.

  • Operations
    Load capture
    Print/Email load confirmations
  • Customer Service
    Customer Service
    Document imaging
    Pod Management
  • Accounts
    Billing module
    Haulier management
    Contract Management
  • Power Tools
    Power Tools
    Online customer portal
    Automated emailing
    SMS Integration
  • Mobile
    ✓ Mobile POD app for Drivers
    ✓ Handheld Scanner integration for in-warehouse functions
    ✓ SMS notifications
  • Technical Info
    Technical Info
    ✓ 100% Microsoft based
    ✓ Microsoft SQL Server database engine
    ✓ Windows Xp\vista\7\8 compatible
    ✓ Low resource dependency – runs on an entry level pc
    ✓ Database can be hosted on your premises or in our data center
    ✓ Optional daily database backup service
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