About Our Courier Software

WinFreight is a suite of courier software products developed over 20 years specializing in the three main areas of the supply chain: Courier and Road-freight, Warehousing and Freight broking.

We pride ourselves on superb customer service and keeping our systems up to date with the latest trends in technology and industry. Our development team are constantly listening and engaging with our customers to find out what further enhancements we can add to our courier software enabling you to better service your customers and streamline your business operations.

Many of our loyal customers have been using our courier software for years and we currently service customers in:

✓ South Africa
✓ Australia
✓ Botswana
✓ Malawi
✓ Mozambique
✓ Namibia
✓ and Zimbabwe.

Put our team and software to the test today and contact us for a no-obligation demo of our systems, it takes 10 minutes and can be done remotely.

WinFreight Broker

WinFreight Broker was developed 10 years ago after interest from the industry to develop a one stop solution specifically tailored to logistics companies requiring a load management and brokerage system with all the features of our FMS operational system

Since then use of the system has revolutionised the industry and has become the number one choice of system.

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WinFreight FMS

WinFreight Freight Management system is specifically designed for courier and road freight companies, It provides a total turnkey solution controlling the flow of information and process from your customers site to Invoicing and cash collection.

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WinFreight WMS

Our Warehouse Management System has been designed as an add-on to our FMS system or to act as a standalone system operating independently. It is currently used in a variety of industries including Automotive, Food and Beverage, Distribution, Manufacture, Banking and many more. With the ability to link to legacy systems it truly is the most adaptable results driven system you will use.

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